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Sunday 30 November 2014

Where I've Been

I'm sitting here trying to think of how to make the last few weeks sound exciting. The truth is, they've been pretty busy (both work and at the weekends) but there has been no reason for me not to write something here, apart from complete exhaustion.

On a Sunday evening, after a weekend off, I am still exhausted.

My last post was on Halloween, and I done quite a bit since then.

One weekend, my friends Eleri and Rhiannon came to visit. They didn't actually come to London with the purpose of seeing me; instead they came for the live Welcome to Nightvale session. I used to listen to episodes of the pod series when I did my make up before heading to placement in the summer, but then once I had caught up I forgot to carry on. Even though they didn't come to visit me, I met them before hand at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, where we had dinner and then I shopped (aaah) afterwards. Then they headed to mine afterwards and we stayed up most of the night talking ~retro sleepover vibes~ which I think annoyed my housemate (sorry Claire! I blame very thin walls!). Then the next morning we went for breakfast. Of course, by the time they went it was 3pm and most of my weekend had been spent very pleasantly, but very little to show.

The next weekend I was meant to have a friend visit on the Saturday, but she missed her train and I was ill (/hungover). Then on Sunday I spent the day showing my mom the Poppies at the Tower of London (just in time - most were still there but they were completely gone 24 hours later). Then we did a mini Christmas shop and had dinner in her old haunt (back from her 21 year old nannying days), Covent Garden's Punch and Judy. She left for home at 6pm, and that was another weekend that had been enjoyable (minus the illness) but not really a recovery from the week!

I've also spent many weekends attempting to sort out my room, which is a task that never seems to end. I don't have the right type of storage for some of my belongings (imagine a large plastic box holding all the contents of my desk, and a broken wardrobe with no rail) and to add to that there has been a sudden increase in damp. I have to keep cleaning mould off shoes and a coat, and now there is mildew on my rose fairy lights, and a horrible creeping damp patch near my bed :(

They have been good weekends (apart from the mould) with most Friday evenings spent having drinks in the pub with some of the girls I work with (Lets ignore the night I had too much to drink, on no food since midday, and spent the next day very ill). It's just after a full week of teaching children and planning lessons until 9pm at night at the earliest I wish there was an extra day off every week; especially as at least half a 'day off' is spent planning more lessons.

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