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Saturday 19 March 2016

A year in books...

...or I take too many pictures.

I thought it would be cool to gather all my book related photos from 2015 together in to one blog post...and then I realised it was many many photos. Oh well! As the year went on, I definitely improved my placement in photos...

The beautiful Foyles bookstore.

A collection of quotes from GoodReads that I enjoyed.

My wonderful signed His Dark Materials from when Alice and I met Philip Pullman

Rereading Northern Lights.

Alex reading a book!

Drinking tea surrounded by books.

Teacher enthusiasm, followed by many piles of books...

Followed by many shelfies...

Heaps of books...

And then the individual books...

Thank goodness for pretty books, right?

If you want to see more book photos, as well as many other photos of things in my life, my instagram is Clairbear1989 :)

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