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Tuesday 23 December 2014

It's a Christmas Miracle!

The internet has finally been returned. Although, typically, it came back 10 minutes before we left to go to Wolverhampton to see family members for a Christmas meal. So I am writing this in the car, and will upload it when I get to my aunts house J

I actually haven’t read any books since the holidays have started, but I have been very busy! School finished on Friday, which of course meant to teacher celebrations in the evening. Then on Saturday I had a late breakfast, watched the finale of The Fall (has anyone else seen it?!) and then went to the Winter Festival on the Southbank with my housemates. On Sunday I packed to go home, caught the train and within one hour of being back mom and I were at a Christmas Carol Concert at the closest church (there are at least 5 ancient churches within a 10 minute walk from our house). I’m not religious, but my mom raised us Catholic, and Christmas services (carols!) are the only ones I enjoy going to. I do feel it’s important to at least appreciate why we celebrate Christmas.

Yesterday was a lovely day spent having lunch and shopping in Peterborough with my mom. I was absolutely exhausted – a side effect of working flat out for the last 4 months! In the evening we walked to a beautiful pub and had lots of mulled wine and cider.

Today is also going to be great – a big pub lunch with my moms side of the family. Last year my brother, cousin and I undertook an eating challenge which I won. Bring it on for this year.!

- I never did upload this! We were too busy eating, drinking and being merry (we played Cards Against Humanity) for me to get my laptop out. And then, on the journey home, we managed to get a flat tyre. Because of that I wrote two *basic* reviews that I will be uploading this evening :)

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