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Saturday 18 October 2014

I've decided

I've spent enough time talking about books with friends, and attempting to force the children in my class to read more...it's about time I started blogging it. And maybe vlogging it (I've put a camera in my amazon basket, waiting for me to pluck up the courage to spend hard earned cash on a little electrical box). I've always loved watching youtube videos, and somehow only just found the booktube community (which I really enjoy) but writing a blog is free, and I can do it in my pyjamas.

So here it is. I couldn't come up with an exciting or imaginative name, so I've stuck with a name that still makes sense - 'Clair Reads'. Exactly what this blog will be about...unless I decide to add other rambles about my life, which is pretty likely. I like to ramble. Can you tell?

I can't promise these posts will be regular, especially at the beginning. Working as a teacher is not the cushty job that some people imagine, so I will not always have the time or the energy. I will, however, have the passion to update as much as possible :)

Clair x


  1. That is exactly the reason I started blogging!
    Well, except I am a student myself. And for some reason my weird friends don't appreciate books as much as I do. So, I started blogging. It's working out pretty good for me, it's good to finally be able to talk about something that I love so much.
    Anyway, good luck with your blog :)


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