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Wednesday 29 October 2014

So many books, so little space.

It's half term and I'm back at home at the mothers house (outside of London - clean oxygen, I have missed you!). My sister has also moved out since I've been in London, which means the tiny room we had to alternate sleeping in (the other got the sofa) is empty of all of her belongings. Not that she had many; I follow my moms footsteps and hoard. I'm also older and have spent more time living away from home - I think this justifies having so much 'stuff'.

The top of my shelves. Can you see my twilight
books hidden at the very top?

The bottom half of my overfull bookshelf!
Anyway, the room is clearer, but still crammed full of stuff I didn't need in London or had no space to pack. Including books. So many books, it has freaked my mother out. There is a tall thin bookshelf, which is packed with all of my read books. There are some desk shelves with non-fiction books, Sookie Stackhouse books (that series was too big for the bookshelf!) and the books I haven't read. I'm about to spend the day sorting out: books to take to London with me, unread books, and books I don't care to keep anymore. I will be honest, I am also procrastinating from lesson planning, an evil task that feels wrong to do during half term. Fun times! I will be blogging here (hopefully with photos and mini reviews) about my day, and sharing my favourite books with you :)

A double stacked pile of my unread books!

If anyone ever wants to suggest types of post (I'm going to try to do booktube type posts on here, whilst I wait to buy a decent camera for vlogging) feel free! If you see a book on my shelf and want me to talk about it more, comment and let me know!

Clair x

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