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Saturday 10 October 2015

Life and Death Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Open Book

‘McKayla was beginning to seem weirdly, I don’t know, territorial about me’ – does Mike ever feel territorial of Bella or is this just because Mike is now a girl? Something else to check…

‘She was super, mega hot, but not…approachable’. Your way with words astounds me, BeauBella. Also know I feel like watching Darren Criss on A Very Potter Musical.

This is completely random, and not really at all related to the plot, but BeauBella is cooking steak and potatoes, and while the steak is cooking he has time to make a salad. That is not how long you cook steak for. What is wrong with you? Plus now I want a steak.

‘”It’s a good thing she’s happily married”’ This seems so much more ominous when it’s about a female Dr Cullen as opposed to a male one. Not Smeyers fault, blame this on society.

‘But her long eyes were careful’. How does a person have long eyes? I feel this must be an editing error, right? All I can see are the eyes cartoon characters get when they’re stretched in surprise.

Strangely, that’s all that was really worth mentioning in this chapter. Not a highly funny, weird or different one. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be the same for the rest of the book? Perhaps when BeauBella faints and Edythe has to carry him it’ll pick up again. That’s soon, right?

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