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Saturday 14 November 2015

Life and Death Liveblogging: Chapter Six

Long time no see. I've been very busy/ tired and lazy from being busy, so this has been a bit delayed. But! I am here now!

Chapter Six - Scary Stories

If I remember rightly, this is the scene where Bella met Jacob, so I guess we're meeting Jacobina today! Except I bet her name is even worse than that because this gender bent universe is made up of parents who have no taste or consideration of their children becoming adults who have to live with their names,

'McKayla was animated again, putting a lot more faith in the weatherman than I thought he deserved.'  - I cant remember this tiny, insignificant fact but please tell me the weatherman was a woman in Twilight. EVERYTHING (except Charlie) must be gender bent.

I keep getting really confused about all these switched characters though. Just for clarification:
McKayla = Mike
Jeremy = Jessica
Logan = Lauren

'He [Logan] ran his hands through his slicked back, silver-blond hair.' - Ok who bought Draco?

 'He said my name with a sneer' I cant say I blame him, your name is ridiculous.

I can't type it all out, but I love the description of First Beach, and it's pretty accurate, too...

Look at the size of that tree!!!

'most of the guys wanted to head to the one shop in the village for food.'-  because boys always want more food. Girls never.

JULIE! Jacob is Julie! She avoided a horrific name!

'She looked fourteen, maybe fifteen.' I am cringing at how young she is. How young Jacob was. Oh god how young they all were. Why would anyone want to be an immortal 17 year old ooooooh jeeeeeez I am OLD.

'...long glossy black hair pulled back with a rubber band.' It wont stay glossy for long if you keep using rubber bands. GOD YOU ARE SUCH A CHILD.

'Her husky voiced dropped a little lower.' In my head, she's now growling.
'"Do you like scary storied Beau?"' Good, let me tell you one about a sparkling family of tormented teenagers.

Sadly, there isn't much to report from chapter 6. But that means I am going straight on to Chapter 7 :)

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