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Saturday 14 November 2015

Life and Death Liveblogging: Chapter Seven and Eight


'I  plugged them [headphones] into my little CD player.' God Stephenie, no one uses CD players anymore!

'They were a little heavy for me' I love that this is Linkin Park he is talking about.

'I listened to the CD again...until, finally , I fell asleep.' As someone who needs silence to sleep, this impressed me.

'I was sitting in my room researching vampires. What was wrong with me?' Don't worry, BeauBella, we've all been there...I used to spend hours on the Twilight Lexicon website. I am definitely cringing at the memory of that.

'It didn't take too much effort to concentrate on my task for the day, a paper on Macbeth that was due on Wednesday.' This is why you're an odd character, BeauBella. Not because you are a bit of an outside, are clumsy or like classic literature. Because, on a weekend, you find this an easy task to concentrate on.

Apparently that was all for Chapter Seven...

Chapter Eight: Port Angeles

'The sales woman made it sound like all the details would be important to the girls'. They're talking about the flowers the guys give the girls at dances. Listen guys, if it's alive, the girls will like it. We don't follow the Victorian flower language anymore.

I'm at the part where Bella gets rescued from her would-be attackers. I'm not sure how this'll work with BeauBella, but I'm fairly certain one of the 'attackers' just implied he was a cop? I'm not sure how a seventeen year old could be mistaken for a cop, but then again the US police system sounds  a little dodgy so who knows. (By the way, I am in no way implying all American cops are dodge, it's just many reports recently haven't given them a good reputation).

'Hey, pig' a woman's voice called from behind me.' Is 'pig' a widespread insult for cops then? For some reason I thought it was a British one.

OH OK! The people he's walked past  are the people he knocked with his bag at the airport, when he was getting into Charlie's cop car! They've remembered him! I knew that random added snippet of information had to mean something.

They have a gun. Of course they do. What the fuck?! Over reaction much, couple who think a gangly seventeen year old is a police officer.

'Get in' a furious voice hissed.' YES go LadyEd! First time you've appeared in while! Thank goodness you are spending your free time stalking BeauBella.

'Keep your head down.' She ordered, and I heard the drivers door open.' OMG LadyEd is actually about to get out of the car and lose some shit on these people. I wish this would actually happen!

LadyEd looks 'super super pissed.' So would I if someone was about to steal my chicken nuggets.

'No.' My voice was still rough. I tried to clear my throat quickly.' I feel like in this situation fear should have made BeauBella's voice squeaky and high pitched.

'Her skin was so smooth.' Why are you noticing this before you notice the temperature?! Are you really used to hairy skin?!

'Unwillingly, I pulled my hand from hers. It felt like I'd been holding a bag of ice cubes.' Ok is this was what touching Edward felt like to Bella...?!?! It was never described as that cold (I don't think?) And Bella was pretty obsessed with having sex with Ed. Surely that would be like having sex with an ice lolly? Does BeauBella really want to get frostbite there?! Jesus these are not questions I asked myself when I was 18.

'It was strange how her silky voice sounded so...menacing.' I'm really noticing that SMeyer uses a lot of ellipses.

'The hell?' I agree, Jeremy.

AHA rather than give BeauBella her coat, LadyEd gives him her scarf?! I really hope its a flowery one.
Damn, it's not. It's Archie's.

They're in the restaurant. They're asking and answering questions. There is no point quoting, because it's so similar to the original. But LadyEd's answers seem a lot simpler and less cryptic than Edward's.

~I just ordered takeaway to get me through this~

'Try not to get caught up in antiquated gender roles.' You tell him LadyEd (BeauBella tried to pay for the food he had eaten...although he was the only one who ate, LadyEd is an immortal creature with a good sum of money. Jealous).

Oh and the chapter is over! I've only just ordered my takeaway! I might post another chapter if I can finish it before food :)

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